The couples I work with are smart, effective people in many areas of their lives, but like all of us, they can find themselves in relationship challenges that have become stuck.

As both an executive coach and a clinical psychologist, when I work with couples I have several principles in mind: I want to help you in as efficient a way as possible, while also getting to the right level of depth to truly bring about change.  

I call my practice “coaching” to distinguish it from some of the clichés of therapy – what we work on has to solve the problems you have now, not just talk about them or focus on your past. The work has to both address your feelings and be practical so that you come away having learned real tools and mindsets to keep the changes going on your own.




The coaching process begins with an in-depth initial consultation, which usually lasts about 2 hours.  In this first meeting, I seek to understand the challenges from each partner’s perspective, and identify where there are opportunities for change.  I provide you with initial insights that you can put to use immediately toward your goals.  Then we plan a way to continue working to get to your desired outcomes with the least possible time and financial investment.  My clients have busy lives, so we customize the coaching to fit your schedule – the frequency, length and location of coaching sessions can all be negotiated so that it works for you.


  • End repetitive fights
  • Deal with changes in life events
  • Recover from infidelity
  • Negotiate stalemate issues
  • Explore differing commitment
  • Solve conflicts about money, sex, chores, difficult relatives or raising children
  • Business partner couples
  • Divorce Consideration
  • Post-divorce communication

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