Stop The Fight! 

Fights are painful, but learning to stop them doesn’t have to be.  My book, Stop the Fight! is full of cartoons that show the Big Picture of what is going on in the dynamics of the 12 most common fights.  The book is based on 20 years of seeing the patterns in relationship fights and the tools I used to help couples out of them.

Corporate Coaching

Thriving businesses need agile leadership, healthy team dynamics and swift conflict resolution.  My focus when coaching executives, teams, and partnerships is to address the “people issues” that interfere with success and productivity in business.  I have designed and delivered executive training programs and coaching engagements across dozens of high profile industries in the local New York area and across the globe.

Coaching for Couples

No one likes fighting with their partner.  The tension, frustration and anger is unbearable. You want some help, but the problems are complicated and you know you need more than simplistic solutions.  I offer results-focused, high-impact professional help so you and your partner can find the change you need.