We have all been there – the moment when your team seems to be paralyzed because of lack of alignment, differing personalities and conflict.  Business gets bogged down because of dynamics that seem never to shift with the interventions you try as a leader.  While I do many types of leadership coaching and training, I specialize in solving lack of alignment in teams and partnerships so you can get back to work together.



I use a unique approach to coach teams back into alignment; after a thorough assessment of the dynamics occurring in a team, I use drawings and diagrams that I create live to show the team how to get from the state they are in to a more productive one.  I have seen over and over again how seeing the Big Picture of the dynamics that are occurring produces an “aha” of recognition and allows people involved in conflict or tension to stop, see all sides of the situation and find their way to resolution.  

Past Clients

I have designed and delivered executive training programs and coaching engagements for high profile executives and teams in a variety of industries including technology, manufacturing, management consulting, marketing, academic, insurance, non-profit, health care, finance, law and politics, both in my local New York area and across the globe.